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Welcome baby June!

"I ordered 2 gowns for my mom who is under hospice care and suffers from severe dementia. I wanted something better than the standard hospital gown for those times she is cognizant of her surroundings to boost her morale... what really impressed me was the quality of the construction and attention to detail of your gowns, especially the back four snaps and stitching around the grosgrain ribbon. I was so impressed that I ordered two more!" - Suzanne 

"My mother uses your gowns in the nursing home and everyone always comments on how beautiful they are. It is wonderful for her to have them in order for her to feel good about herself. Thanks so much for everything!" -Shelia 

"I saw your gowns at a baby expo when I was 4 months pregnant -- I kept thinking about them and hemming and hawing about getting one, and finally my husband *put his foot down* and insisted I buy it. We were going to order it online, but decided to check and see if one was available locally. We found a vendor selling the style I wanted in my size, went and bought it and had a nice brunch afterwards. I went into labor that night! 
All of the nurses at the hospital commented on it - most of them hoping they were the "new hospital gowns" - It got to be so hilarious - I would be in the middle of a contraction and a new nurse or technician would come in and say "Okay Mrs.. oooh! What a GREAT gown!" and I would say mid-contractions "thaaaanks my husbaaand bought it for meee." --it was such a big hit in the maternity ward! Most of all, it was so comfortable and soft, and best of all it FIT me! I'm planning on buying these for my pregnant friends from here on out. 
Thanks again." - Kristen Rutherford 

Dr. Marga Massey"I just love, love, love your gowns. can't say enough about how great they are and what they do for my patients" -Dr. Marga Massey 

Dr. Massey is a life saver for countless women seeking a better outcome for their breast reconstruction surgery following a breast cancer diagnosis. She understands completely the need to give patients dignity and graciously provides them with our Lucy gowns for their surgery and recovery. 
We love what she is doing for women from around the world who seek her out and we love that we can support the BCRF fund when she stocks her office with our gowns (by donating 10% of all our Lucy gown sales to BCRF).
 To learn more about Dr. Marga and her amazing work visit her site at Dr. Marga 

A note from a customer and aunt of a PICU patient... "Dear Rachel,We received the gowns last week. My 13 year old niece has been in the PICU for over a month now. She was in a medically induced coma but is now awake and very aware. When she got the gown she proclaimed that she felt like she was going to a party! I can't fully explain her joy but you can imagine how awful it is for a 13 year old to feel so yucky-these helped lift her spirits. Incredible! Thank you! Let me know if you ever have any new prints." -Rachael E. 

Grateful thanks for bringing dignity to a bedridden patient... "I am writing to thank you for creating such stylish hospital gowns. My mother has been bedridden for the past two years, and she doesn't wear anything other than hospital gowns. ..I can't get over Mom's transformation when she was wearing her Lola gown ..She looked like her old self before she became ill!! 
These gowns were a great investment, and they brighten all of our moods more than I could have imagined--who knew that something so simple would make such a difference! She is surrounded by medical equipment, but we get lots of comments about how her bedroom looks so personal compared to a nursing home. The gowns add to our "normalization" of our situation. It really is amazing how something like color and pattern can totally transform a person and the atmosphere of a room. We perhaps take that for granted at times, but I can't think of a better example of that philosophy than seeing Mom in her new gowns. Thanks! 

"I bought myself a gown when I was pregnant with my first son in June of 2006. I was the talk of the labor & delivery ward and everyone was asking where I got my stylish gown. I have bought a gown for every baby shower I have attend since – they are always such a hit! All the patterns are just too cute and the customer experience is fantastic. Thanks, Rachel! What a great idea!"
-Jen Maurillo 

"I am a labor and delivery nurse in Dallas Texas, I had taken care of a few patients with your gowns in the past. I decided to order 2 for myself for the delivery of my second son. I am so glad that I did, I got so many compliments on how cute they looked. I love the pictures and I felt comfortable the whole time.You have such a great idea, what a wonderful way to help moms feel a bit better about themselves on one of the most important days in their life. I have tucked the gowns away now (with a few tears) and will wear them again for my next baby."
-Jennifer Martel 

"... I wanted to write and let you know how much I LOVED having my dearjohnnies gown for the birth of my 5th child. I am a midwife on-leave married to an Ob/Gyn. I also have a love of fashion and did not want to labor in an uncomfortable hospital gown. In the past I had taken just regular gowns I bought at places like Target, but this time I wanted something special. So I ordered a dearjohnnies gown monogrammed with my initials. I was so thrilled when I received it. And I was just as thrilled when I put it on during labor. I felt beautiful during my labor, not frumpy! All the labor and delivery nurses were impressed and asked me where I had gotten such a great gown. I, of course, gave them your name."
-Anya from Wisconsin 

"I was the talk of the delivery ward with my cool gown- the nurses kept stopping by to look at it as word spread. This picture was taken during a very happy moment before all hell broke loose. I had a very difficult delivery (emergency c-section under general anesthesia). We are really, really lucky our beautiful baby girl Julia is alive. The dearjohnnies gown was on me the entire time, throughout the c-section and during recovery. It was super comfortable and soft and I'll treasure it forever."
-Cindy from San Francisco, CA
More on Cindy's Delivery 

"I am so excited to have found your product. I went on total bedrest at 14 weeks with contractions. At 23 weeks, I have a couple months ahead of me and I am so excited to wear my beautiful new Cece gown and matching robe. Since I have not been able to wear all my cute maternity clothes, I am telling everyone about my fashionable hospital gown. I wish I had known about your product with the birth of my daughter. I hated wearing that disgusting gown that was better suited to my husband's 6'3" frame instead of my 5'3" frame. Thank you for giving women a way to feel beautiful during one of life's most beautiful events."
Nichol - Peoria, IL 

"Only one word can describe dearjohnnies - amazing!!! My daughter Jeannette ended up being in the hospital four days. The dearjohnnies were wonderful!!! She said that even as they were moving her onto the surgical table for a C-section (after 15 hours of labor) she was getting compliments on her dearjohnnies & the Doctor was asking her where she got it. We'd only bought two & I wish we'd gotten more. I kept recycling the two through the laundry & bringing them back to the hospital. I offered Jeannette choices from the other nursing nightgowns we'd gotten, but she said, "No, just bring the dearjohnnies. I'm all about the dearjohnnies." When her friends visited her, they were asking for your web site so they can give them as gifts...I'm sure we'll be back at your web site again. Thanks for a wonderful product!"
-Jennifer from Baltimore, MD 

"I ordered the Lucy gown and I just absolutely adore it and my husband thinks that I will be the most beautifully dressed mommy in labor. Thank you Rachel for the coolest concept designed for an expectant mother!! I will be recommending your gowns as I wear them every week that I am going in for monitoring!!"
-Johanna from Okinawa, Japan 

"I heard about you from a friend from California who seems to have a knack for finding unusual baby gifts. I went on your website and thought it would be a cute, original idea for a shower present for my sister-in-law. After having 2 kids and wearing those disgusting gowns, I know I would have been thrilled about having something cute to wear. Great idea!"
-Aimee from University Heights, OH 

"The gown is beautiful and EXACTLY what I was looking for ... I'm a petite and not at all that big, except the belly ... but why is it that all the maternity pajamas are tight or stretchy material in your stomach and chest. Not comfortable! I wanted something loose, comfortable and practical! Perfect! Thank you for the great product and customer service. I look forward to delivering our son in it on Monday!"
-Shauna from Cypress, TX


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